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Policy Governance Committee (ref. BDP - Developing Policy)
         1.    Objects and Bylaws development
         2.    Framework Policies
                a.  Belief Statement
                b.  Vision Statement
                c.  Mission Statement
                d.  Stakeholders
         3.    Board Self-governance Policies
                a.  Policy Making   
                b.  Governing Style
                c.  Roles, Responsibilities and Functions
                     i.   Board
                     ii   Board members
                     iii  Board officers
                     iv. Committees
                     v.  Membership
                d.  Board member's code of conduct
                e.  Board recruitment, orientation, training, evaluation.
         4.    Operational Policies
                a.  Direct the operations of the Executive Director
                    or Executive Committee, staff, service volunteers.
         5.    Advocacy Policies
                   Advocacy policies set out the organization's response to 
                      matters affecting its relationship to the community and society.
                          Advocacy policies establish how the organization will promote
                      its mission to the public and how it will rerspond to
                      controversial issues or sensitive matters.

Membership Committee

1.    Instant Member Applications
    2.    New Player Services (Future Masters)
3.    New Member Liaison (Intermediate / Newcomer (IN))
4.    Membership Retention Programs
5.    Member Milestones and Awards
6.    Membership Statistics
    7.    Volunteer Recognition Programs

Public Relations Committee

    1.    Email Communications
    2.    CBS/Unit 390 Web Communications
    3.    Kibitzer Editors
    4.    Annual Report to the Community

Tournaments & Special Events Committee

    1.    Program Schedule
    2.    Facilities
    4.    Partnerships
    5.    199'er Programs
Caddy Master

Education Committee

    1.    Unit 390 support systems
            Accreditation Assistance Program
                  Club Director Course
                  Teacher Accreditation Program
            Facility and Equipment
                  Club and other facilities coordination
                       Classroom space
                       Promote Beginner Games (0-5), (0-49), (0-99)
                  Unit Loans and provisions
                       Tables, chairs, bidding boxes, boards, Dealer machines
                       Instructor materials, student workbook inventory
                       Library (Books, DVDs)
                    Calendar, brochures, posters
                    Calgary Herald Neighbours (Community Weekly)
                    Public broadcasting
                    Canyon Meadows Theatre preview
   2.   Mentoring Committee