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John Sharpe

President's Message
by John Sharpe - President, Calgary ACBL Unit 390


ello bridge players,

The September Sectional was a great success, attracting a record 296 tables. Carrie Stockman and her team did a marvelous job running the tournament and the increased level of hospitality will continue in future Sectionals. The time change to a 12 noon start on Saturday was well received by most players. The noise level in the playing area continues to be a concern and we ask that everyone make an effort to keep their voices modulated when play is in session.

Congratulations to the winners of the Fall Sectional President’s Award, Yurong (June) Cheng and Shuangbing (Frank) Guo with 9.62 masterpoints. The position of Tournament Coordinator will be filled by Carrie Stockman for the foreseeable future. However, Carrie will continue to need volunteers to help on the committee for the coming sectionals. Most specifically, there is a need for someone to manage the Friday morning setup of the playing area. This position includes meeting the trailer and arranging tables and equipment. Please consider volunteering your time.

The board is concerned about finding interested people in becoming Unit Board members. Next year at least three positions will become vacant. If you feel that you could volunteer for a board position please let any board member know. Also, if anyone approaches you about volunteering please give them consideration. With due reference to Uncle Sam and Lord Kitchener, “Your Unit needs You!”

Congratulations to Nicholas and Judith Gartaganis who were inducted into the Canadian Bridge Federation Hall of Fame during Bridge Week 2017 held in Winnipeg. This well deserved award recognizes their success on the international bridge stage and their many contributions to bridge in Calgary both at the table and in volunteer positions. If you have not already seen the article about Nick and Judy, on page 20 in the July edition of the Bridge bulletin, please take some time to read it.

On November 18th there will be a 299er Sectional held at the Kerby Centre. This is a new event and I hope that many 299ers will take this opportunity to earn silver points. A new set of bridge lessons started in September at various locations. For those of you who were not able to sign up there is still the opportunity to enroll in Boot Camp IV and Abdul’s lessons at the Bidding Box Duplicate Bridge Club. For details please refer to the website.

Other dates to put into you diary are; February 10th Rookie Master Event, May 11th/12th GNT Finals, and June 9th 2018 AGM.

John Sharpe

Calgary ACBL Unit 390