2016-2017 GNT District 18 Finals Entry Form

By entering this event, each team certifies, subject to Penalties as provided in the Conditions of Contest for this event and in the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations, that they are eligible to play in this event.

Please make sure that ALL requested information is entered for each team member.

Note: "Playing Location" refers to the Town or City from which each team member will be participating in the Final - A venue and monitor will be found for each playing location.

Note: BBO id's will be ASSIGNED for this event upon receipt of entry fee.

What Flight is your Team Entering?`
Open  Flight A  Flight B  Flight C 

Team Member 1: (This person will be the designated Team Captain and all correspondence will be through this individual)

Team Member 2:

Team Member 3:

Team Member 4:

Team Member 5: (if fielding more than a 4 member team)

Team Member 6: (if fielding a 6 member team)

Any other comments?