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Calgary 2016 New Years Sectional

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NCL COPC Game North Calgary Ladies Bridge Club
Tuesday, November 24th at noon
Canadian Open Pairs Championship (COPC) Qualifying Game
--- Men Invited ---

Aurora Club Championship Game Aurora Duplicate Bridge Club
Wednesday, November 25th at noon
Club Championship Game

Aurora Club Championship Game Nose Hill Duplicate Bridge Club
Friday, November 27th at 7:30pm
Retro Hot Dog Night Featuring IMP Pairs

Delores Hedley

President's Message
by Delores Hedley - President, Calgary ACBL Unit 390


ne – Two – Three – GO! That’s the momentum of this year’s Unit Board of Directors. We are excited about our initiative to sponsor a variety of seminars for our members and we hope our enthusiasm is reciprocated by your participation. Watch for Notices to the Membership and also be sure to visit the website regularly to keep up with news and events.

Here is just some of what is in the works.

  • A Unit-sponsored Bridge Boot Camp with hosts Nancy Klym and Bev Mason, scheduled for November 14th and 15th, sold out in just 11 days with 6 players on a waiting list! This keenness has prompted the Board to schedule a second Boot Camp in the spring. Registrations will not be accepted until plans are finalized.

  • A Unit-sponsored Club Director’s Course with hosts Doug & Crystal Mann is scheduled for January 22, 23 and 24th. While designed for those opening a new bridge club or starting a new game, the course would also benefit players seeking a better understanding of common rules. A primer on using ACBLscore will be included in the course. A minimum of 12 participants will be required to sponsor the course.

  • A Unit-sponsored ACBL Teacher Accreditation Program (TAP) is a strong possibility for early spring.

  • A Unit-sponsored Newcomer-Master Team Game will be held in early spring.

The highlight of our summer was, of course, the very successful White Hat Regional. We may not have set a record in attendance but we sure did in hospitality. With 16 wonderful, hardworking Tournament Committee members (see photo page 12), 110 volunteers who baked an abundant supply of cookies and squares and 46 sponsors who contributed to gift baskets, giveaways and some of the evening hospitality – we just couldn’t go wrong. Thank you everybody.

It has been said for many, many years that bridge is dying. Yet I keep seeing so many new faces. I started checking with the various teachers in the city to get a count of people taking lessons. I was surprised to find that there are 107 beginners currently enrolled in fall classes; 38 currently enrolled in various intermediate classes; 30 presently enrolled in an intermediate-plus class and 12 enrolled in a 2-over-1 class. A recently concluded beginner-plus course had 31 graduates and two previous Boot Camps hosted by Nancy Klym and Bev Mason had a total enrollment of 58.

These are just the numbers from people I know of! I would bet there is a lot more teaching going on that I don’t know about. Accolades are due to these teachers who supplied me with their numbers – Linda Walker, Rae Haaland, Dorothy Brayford, Gail Bews, Helen Dillen, Marilyn Haggins, Nancy Klym and Bev Mason.

After my research into teaching, I did a quick check of the number of tables playing bridge at the various clubs during a one week period – a total of 224. I think this is amazing and a tribute to the club owners, managers and directors who provide a great service for our enjoyment. I know they welcome your support.

Delores Hedley

Calgary ACBL Unit 390

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